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When the question arises as to how to best order from Yoshitomi the answer really depends on the type of customer you are.

If you are a buyer for a garden center the easiest way get our plants is to order online. You will first need to be granted access to the availability page of our website by requesting a log in. Once you have your log in you are good to go. From this point you can either create orders through our online platform or print the current availability as a PDF to mark up and fax in. Once your orders are submitted online you will have the option to print a copy of your web cart to keep for your records or pass along to your receiving crew to check in your order upon delivery. Online users also have access to view their account history which is helpful for pulling up a copy of a missing invoice or to review recent orders.

If you are a Landscape Designer or Commercial Landscaper and would like to view our current availability, get a quote or discuss contract growing options call the office or send an inquiry to sales@yoshitomibrothers.com and someone from our team will be happy to reach you back soon.

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